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Samulnori - Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Academy & Performing Arts School

The name of this dynamic percussion ensemble, "SamulNori", literally means "Play of four things".

In this case, four things are four percussion instruments; k'kwaengnwari (small gong), ching (large gong), changgo (hourglass shaped drum), and buk (barrel drum). The term "play" connotes the idea of performance, including masterful renditions on the instruments and breath-taking acrobatic-like dance.

SamulNori's music is based on the rhythms of traditional Korean folk percussion music. Originally performed outdoor in much larger groups, this modern incarnation of an old-age tradition has been successfully adapted for stage performances indoor.

SamulNori has exhilarated and astonished audiences around the world with its virtuosity since the group's founding in 1978 by Mr. Kim Duk-Soo. Since then, SamulNori has been creating a unique experience - both ancient and contemporary.

"A complete theatrical experienceˇ¦"
New York Times

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